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I can’t stop thinking about this. I’m glad he’s showing signs of recovery but it was such a devastating brain injury. My heart goes out to him and his family. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through.
Get well soon, schumi.

"HEALTH TIP: when you’re about to sneeze be courteous and cover your mouth with the nearest anti-vaccination activist."
Throwback Friday (because yesterday, I FORGOT)

This is how short my hair was a year ago. NOW IT’S FABULOUSLY LONG!




If you tell me that a father defending his daughter or protecting his little girl as she grows into the age of dating is patriarchy and something to be discouraged, in my mind I’m hoping you trip and fall on your face.. hard. Enjoy the road burn. 

It’s not about ownership, it’s “that’s my little girl. Be good to her or I will hurt you.”

oh but if it was a mother she’d be mother of the fucking year.

jfc this website is literally impossibly retarded

No but you don’t understand. It’s not about dads being nice and trying to protect their daughters. It’s them literally believing that they have possession over their daughters life. It’s about not letting her go to party’s with friends because “I won’t get time with you”. It’s about putting a camera and gps in her car to make sure their are no boys or traffic violations. But really it’s just because he doesn’t trust you not to leave. It’s about forbidding social interaction just because he might not get as much time with his precious daughter. This is the kind of dad that is too protective. To the point where it’s detrimental to growth both socially and mentally. He chalks it all up to wanting to protect his baby girl and to not have anyone hurt her, but really is being a manipulative little fuck about everything with a mask of father of the year. Because when a boy truly does hurt her, what does her father say? I told you so. Should I go hurt him because I’ve wanted to since day one. No one gets to hurt my girl. But her father has hurt her more than that boy ever did. And no, that boy does not deserve to be beaten by a man over twice his age. She loved him. Why would she want that? No, I don’t think you guys understand. There’s a lot more to it than what you think and it’s not just pissy ass teenagers spewing shit because their daddy didn’t let them go on a date with a boy until they got to high school. This is different.

First of all, I’m not talking about the overbearing, overprotective, crazy psycho father. I’m talking about your everyday, run of the mill dad. Or hell, older brothers for that matter. Even my husband says things about his 13 year old sister like “No, she can’t date. I was a teenage boy. No one is allowed to date my sister. ” Is he gonna run them off at gun point? NO, he’s just saying.. She’s my lil sister and I want to make sure she’s okay and no one takes advantage of her. 


Are you serious? I know a lot of my high school and college friend’s father’s and ya know what? When their daughters got hurt, 95% of them said “He’s not worth your time princess” (or something similar) and banned whoever it was from coming back to their house unless they earned back some respect from their dad. 

That might be YOUR experience, but I’ve never heard a father say “I told you so.” And what paranoid looney toon puts a camera and a gps in anyone’s car? This is the kind of deranged shit that people say that simply DOES NOT HAPPEN in the MAJORITY of cases. Does it happen? Sure… and it happens with mother’s too. Trying to protect their children and going overboard.

Mother or Father, that’s your child and you’re trying to save them from heartache and it’s not fucking malicious to want to save them from that with a warning to be careful, and a warning to whomever is taking them out. And for the record, I don’t know anyone’s father who actually BEAT UP the guy, the ones I know simply said “Stay away from my house, stay away from my daughter and don’t call here.”

It’s called parenting.

And in case it wasn’t clear the first time. I don’t mean the psycho clingy overbearing parents.. I mean, regular normal people who are protective. 

I’ve dated worthless piece of shit scumbags who my dad TOLD me were going to hurt me. HE WAS 100% RIGHT. But he never EVER said I told you so. Never tried to track me via my phone or track me down or follow me.
If anything, he was a bit lax with shit like that because I got away with a LOT.
My dad made mistakes, sure. He’s old-school Cuban. So he never talked to me about sex or STDs except to tell me that he didn’t want me having sex. And he didn’t let me go to my boyfriend’s house because he knew I would have sex.
Did it piss me off? Sure. Was it an ok thing to do? Not necessarily. But I AM his daughter and I WAS living in his house and under his rules.
He’s not perfect, he made mistakes, but in the end, he was just looking out for my safety and happiness, he WAS right, and he is my dad.
So shove off with your ‘omg patriarchy’ BS.
I just hope that fathers take the same precautions when dealing with their sons because there are shit stains of females out there who will use a baby to try to manipulate a man or fake a pregnancy and all of that.
Just watch out for your kids. Love them, educate them, and protect them.

Edit: And another thing, the sad truth of the matter is that if a teen girl falls pregnant, more likely than not, SHE has to put up with the entire brunt of the consequence. SHE is the one who gets dirty looks when she goes out, SHE is the one who carries the baby, SHE is the one who gives birth, SHE is (usually) the one who provides the baby with immediate care. Men can walk away, and I know a lot of you have seen them do it. 

Even if a girl gives the baby up for adoption, that’s 9 months of hell with no support from the person who knocked you up and a baby you didn’t plan for. 

So kudos to dads who give a shit enough to try to keep their daughters from making a mistake that affects not one, not two, but THREE people.